Tired of managing through complex multi-tab Excel-based workbooks for clinical outsourcing? You are not alone!

Greater than 95% of biopharmaceutical sponsors complain about tedious manual work, inefficiency of adapting generic procurement systems for R&D needs, or the high cost of developing and maintaining a custom clinical sourcing solution.

Selecting clinical Service Providers, especially full-service CROs, is notoriously difficult, and is more complicated by the lack of standardized bid grids and RFP templates. Both clinical Service Providers and biopharmaceutical Sponsors struggle with task mapping, activity alignment and side-by-side budget comparisons trying to understand the differences in number of units, hours, and rates, lacking insights into both historical costs and Fair Market Value. We call it analysis paralysis.

SOURCE is RFP Software for R&D Procurement and Strategic Clinical Service Provider Outsourcing Management.

Clinical Maestro SOURCE replaces outdated Excel-based workbooks, home-grown or adapted generic procurement systems with an innovative fit-for-purpose solution that centralizes all your R&D outsourcing needs, ensuring sourcing decisions follow best practices and are informed, objective and fair.

SOURCE reduces the amount of time that is required to develop clinical trial RFIs, RFPs, and qualification requests, saving teams on average 120 hours per RFP versus the traditional process.

SOURCE RFx (RFP/RFI/Change Order) engine brings automation, efficiency, and collaboration to R&D Procurement, enabling busy outsourcing teams to work smarter.

At Clinical Maestro we analyzed every core aspect of the clinical outsourcing process to give a superior sourcing experience, unparalleled in the industry and unmatched by any other generic software solution.

We understand the complexity of clinical trials and the need to have transparency in study assumptions, such as patient enrollment, site activation and study milestones. We focus on delivering an RFP and Change Order experience that has clear roles and responsibilities, so both Sponsors and clinical Service Providers understand exactly who is doing what and collaboratively share responsibilities.

Watch our CEO, Anca Copaescu, discuss “Clinical Business Operations” pain points at ClinBiz event.

SOURCE equips both large and emerging biopharmaceutical sponsors with the end-to-end tool set needed to complete RFP/RFI/Change Order projects faster and more efficiently than labor-intense alternatives.

Combined with Clinical Maestro PORTFOLIO for planning and benchmarking, SOURCE brings the power of Fair Market Value into CRO selection, giving teams confidence in budget due diligence.

Centralize the sourcing for clinical services in one innovative solution, designed by clinical outsourcing experts for clinical outsourcing experts.

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Biopharmaceutical research and development outsourcing professional like you have been longing for a modern clinical outsourcing solution that will create value for your organization.  Previous attempts to retrofit generic systems to clinical research have caused further delays and frustration.   At Clinical Maestro we listened and delivered.

Clinical Maestro’s experts stand ready to guide you on your journey toward better outcomes.

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The experts at Strategikon developed Clinical Maestro out of a combination of love and frustration. The system was developed and nurtured by financial and clinical business operations executives with both Sponsor and Provider experience. Our founders believed there had to be a better way — and so they created one.

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