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Do you feel like you just don’t have enough time to dedicate to a proposal? Would you like to spend more time focusing on the strategy that will help you win the study instead of putting so much time into building the study budget to only be told that it should be done again?

The experts at Clinical Maestro understand your pain and have developed a solution to solve your unique needs with minimal effort and will allow you to plan and bid with confidence.

Create Bids with Accuracy and Speed

The Provider Edition is a dedicated digital costing tool for Service Providers that supports end-to-end proposal management including bid costing and revision management, third-party supplier sourcing and project tracking. By uniting cost algorithms under a single, unified database while allowing for functional-area control via role-based access, Clinical Maestro reduces the effort, cost and time required to build a bid by 80%!

User Friendly

Clinical Maestro’s intuitive user interface and ‘sandbox’ training enables you to get your team online and developing winning bids with minimal interference.

Rapid Deployment

You are always under pressure to meet your daily deadlines. Clinical Maestro is quickly configured to meet your specific requirements and allows you to have access to our domain experts to ensure you are up and running as efficiently as possible.

Secure and Accessible, without Risk

Clinical Maestro is a multi-tenant, secure, Azure hosted platform with centralized audit trails and user controls. It is risky to house highly sensitive information such as rate cards and costing algorithms in Excel-based tools, and Clinical Maestro eliminates these concerns.

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The experts at Strategikon developed Clinical Maestro out of a combination of love and frustration. The system was developed and nurtured by financial and clinical business operations executives with both Sponsor and Provider experience. Our founders believed there had to be a better way — and so they created one.

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