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Start Fast. Start Sure.

Huge expenditures in clinical trials are presently guided by budgeting, planning, and resourcing using disconnected tools like Excel or other aged solutions. As a direct result, operational planning typically requires 6 months or more – delaying trial starts and missing opportunities to drive negotiated savings. The future of successful biopharma development will be underpinned by an increased use of more sophisticated technology and data. Start from the start.

“It [Clinical Maestro] wasn’t just a tool that helped forecast and budget. It helped drive conversation, and break down barriers, to challenge assumptions, and let people have the opportunity to defend their assumptions.”

William Karisch, Business Partner Relations
CSL Behring

Low Risk, High Yield Investment for a Quick ROI

Unlike some technology investments, Clinical Maestro provides immediate operational efficiency with a quick ROI and substantial, long-term gains. One large biopharma company using Clinical Maestro for the first time saved nearly $800,000 on a Phase III study using Clinical Maestro benchmarking, which supported their negotiations with better data.


TIME → 10X Faster

Reduced budgeting turnaround time across Global Clinical Operations from 3.5 weeks to 12 minutes per study. Faster feedback resulted in optimized study plans and faster study start up.

QUALITY → 95% Prediction Accuracy

Vaccine study scenario models demonstrated budget reliability ranging between 2-5% of CRO bids, enabling key decision making for Operation Warp Speed player.

Strengthen your processes and increase data-driven decision-making for faster study start-up.

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You invest hundreds of millions of dollars in outsourced service relationships that, in practice, are incredibly difficult to manage. Are negotiated rates applied? Are non-competitive bids at “market”? What is the overall bid performance (win rate) and volume (bid amount) of my vendor portfolio, by study, by service?

Managing complex bid grids with hundreds of lines is a manually intensive, often daunting task. Especially as you look at resource allocation by service, major and minor task, track out of scope activities and reconcile change orders.

Clinical Maestro SOURCE increases visibility on costs and improves the transparency of preferred and strategic partnerships.

SOURCE assists in managing CROs, as well as the entire suite of clinical service providers. Standardized bid grids allow Sponsors to compare services, major and minor tasks, and align cost structure expectations across their entire portfolio of service providers.

SOURCE Covers a Wide Range of Services

  • Clinical Research Organizations (CROs)
  • Functional Service Providers (FSP)
  • Clinical, imaging, and specialty labs
  • Home nursing
  • Training Services
  • Patient recruitment & engagement organizations
  • Clinical Technology (RTSM, EDC, eTMF, Saftey)

During the bidding process you can not only assess the vendors against each other, or against their own history, but also dynamically compare bid budgets with fair market value derived from Clinical Maestro PORTFOLIO. The average customer saves >10% on any service bids based on the advanced due diligence engine embedded in SOURCE.

Multiple bidding modes such as “bid to resources” and “bid to effort” provide unprecedented visibility into CRO cost drivers, assumptions, and cost structure. Additionally, the entire communication trail during bidding or change order processing is already embedded in the system along with seamless document management and bid scoring. Large pharmaceutical companies can finally rely on the industry’s most advanced R&D procurement tool set to scale and increase productivity of existing outsourcing teams.

Clinical Maestro Impact




The larger the number of studies run by a pharmaceutical company, the more demanding the needs for strategic vendor management, visibility, transparency, and traceability of vendor activities. Clinical Maestro VISION brings all the core elements of vendor quality and strategic management: contractual, operational performance, quality, and financial KPIs under one, visionary umbrella.

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The experts at Strategikon developed Clinical Maestro out of a combination of love and frustration. The system was developed and nurtured by financial and clinical business operations executives with both Sponsor and Provider experience. Our founders believed there had to be a better way — and so they created one.

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