The spread of COVID-19 continues to expand and the pharmaceutical industry is rising to the challenge of finding treatments and vigorously working together to develop potential vaccines to eliminate the threat. As scientists work to define the mechanisms of transmission and pathways to curtail the virus, another well-known nemesis threatens our speed: the time necessary to plan and operationalize the clinical trials required to ensure the efficacy and safety of all promising therapies.

To address this facet, Strategikon Pharma is now offering Clinical Maestro™, our clinical trial planning, budgeting and sourcing technology software pro bono to any company sponsoring COVID-19 clinical trials, in order to help researchers battle this public health emergency faster. Since Clinical Maestro™ can cut the time and effort required to define, plan and outsource clinical development contracts by 80%, application of this technology can help shave months off the timeline to deliver a vaccine, and ensure the right clinical providers are selected.

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