Strategikon and 4C Join Forces to Streamline Biopharmaceutical Clinical Operations

Strategic Partnership Will Accelerate Clinical Outsourcing for Biopharma of All Sizes

SAN FRANCISCO, February 7, 2023 — Strategikon Pharma and 4C Associates announced today they have established a strategic partnership to further assist the biopharmaceutical industry with clinical outsourcing challenges.  The partnership will combine Strategikon’s award-winning Clinical Maestro clinical business operations technology with 4C Life Sciences’ strategic and transformational consulting services.

The biopharmaceutical industry is struggling with lack of resources and expertise within clinical procurement and outsourcing. Small biotech companies, facing the challenge of effectively designing and conducting clinical trials, often experience increased expenses and potential delays in starting the trials due to limited financial resources and struggles to allocate enough funds for the trials. With the complexity of clinical trials increasing, larger pharmaceutical companies need more robust R&D procurement technology and vendor performance management tools, along with change management and system implementation services, which the combined entities can offer at an unprecedent scale.

“Customers are streamlining the RFP process and reducing time spent in clinical outsourcing using our Clinical Maestro platform compared to traditional methods like email and Excel. This leads to consistent cost savings of over 10% per RFP,” said Anca Copaescu, Founder and CEO of Strategikon Pharma. “By joining forces with 4C Life Science we are expanding technology-based, outsourcing expertise that can be used by either small or large biopharma.”

“We are excited to be partnering with Strategikon Pharma and feel that the Clinical Maestro system will add real value to clients looking to transform their clinical outsourcing and budgeting process.” commented Rob Aitchison, Head of R&D Outsourcing Advisory, 4C Life Sciences. “At 4C Life Sciences we specialize in optimizing organizational strategy and operations to enable the best outcome for our clients. By providing our expertise we will ensure clients can realize maximum value from this system as rapidly as possible.”

About 4C Associates Life Sciences

Using our life sciences expertise, healthcare market understanding and commercial acumen, we support life sciences companies to make the right decisions on which capabilities they create which they outsource, and where they collaborate. Our role is to use our biopharma and life sciences industry experience to support optimum value chain configuration decisions. We define strategy, implement new operating models, and ultimately support operational delivery of outcomes. We have a rigorous focus on value – for our clients, their partners and most importantly their patients.