A Message from Our CEO Regarding COVID-19
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Clinical Maestro is a born-in-the-cloud platform that digitizes the business processes and associated decision-making that is fundamental to planning, budgeting and outsourcing for clinical trials. It provides clinical operations decision-makers with rich, actionable business insights. But what if you need answers and don’t have either the time or resources to select and onboard new software? Whether driven by COVID or other changes, sometimes you just need the insights to make a decision, e.g. “a study budget scenario”, faster than you can evaluate with Excel or bring in new technology.


Now you can cut the time and effort required by as much as 80%. Experienced Clinical-Maestro-trained personnel are available to run the software for your studies and get you the answers you need.

…in days.

The Clinical Maestro Service team consists of highly trained industry experts who have a minimum of 10 years of Sponsor and service Provider experience in outsourcing, proposal management, clinical finance and clinical operations.

Clinical Maestro Services Compared

Full Service


  • Provides protocols for each study to be modeled
  • No software purchase necessary

Clinical Maestro Services Team:

  • Provides baseline budget plus scenario budgets
  • Detailed budget variance comparison & reports
  • 3-day turnaround commitment

Operational Service


  • Purchases Clinical Maestro license
  • Provides protocols for each study to be modeled
  • Trains later to become self-sufficient

Clinical Maestro Services Team :

  • Becomes extension of sponsor business operations team
  • Implements specified studies and scenarios to sponsor specs
  • 3-day turnaround commitment