Clinical Maestro’s Unique Solution

Clinical Maestro’s SaaS solution is uniquely designed to empower professionals engaged in outsourcing, budget development, contracting, vendor category and performance management. Clinical Maestro addresses longstanding challenges by modernizing clinical business operation transactions. Clinical Maestro features include:

  • Automated generation of contracting documents, like Statements of Work, eliminating cut-and-paste processes and errors. Configurable templates leverage proposal data to create customized documents efficiently.
  • VISION is the first solution to support vendor quality management, performance, oversight, and risk minimization. Uniting disparate data sources into a single source of truth to strengthen oversight, enhance efficiency, and facilitate informed vendor management, VISION offers complete visibility into studies, departments, functions, and contracts. VISION’s alert functionality reduces risk by 95%, notifying stakeholders of contract expiration, low performance, and re-qualification.
  • AI-enabled Bid Grid Mapping technology delivers over 90% reduction in effort and eliminates over 99% of mapping errors, for significant cost savings for both Sponsors and Service Providers.
  • Fixed-rate budgeting and sourcing capability. Once agreed by both parties, it activates fixed cost/effort templates that are enforced during future bids with the Provider.
  • Enhanced milestone payments enable Sponsors to negotiate and track cash flow during outsourcing and associate cost accounts that are affected by the payment.
  • Expanded benchmarking capabilities, including data for ePRO/eCOA, IRT, IRB-IBC Management, and other additional services while maintaining exceptional accuracy.
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