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What type of companies would benefit from the addition of Clinical Maestro?2021-09-07T23:04:05-04:00

Sponsors: Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device organizations

Providers: Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), Clinical Technology Vendors, Data Management and Monitoring Services providers, Recruitment Experts, Testing and Laboratory Services, and Consultants, and Regulatory Services providers are all examples of organizations who can benefit from using Clinical Maestro.

How much time, effort and budget can the implementation of Clinical Maestro save my organization?2021-08-16T07:45:03-04:00

Sponsor:  While it will vary, we estimate that providers can save efficiency gains up to 75%.  The savings come from elimination of the manual processes typically used to create, analyze and develop intelligent business decisions when executing clinical trial RFIs, RFPs, budgets, change requests and study tracking models.

Provider: While it will vary, we estimate that providers can save efficiency gains of 50-85%.  This includes savings of over 200 staff hours, which will lead to a savings of up to $4 million dollars per year.  The savings come from the extensive amount of time required to fill out and deliver clinical trial RFIs, RFPs, and their related study budgets.  More importantly, by saving the time typically spent filling in the basic information required in the requested file, you can concentrate on delivering content that is specific to trial strategy, which we feel is the information that is what will best separate your company from your competition.

Will the implementation of Clinical Maestro lead to the downsizing of my department or budget?2021-09-07T10:47:56-04:00

The answer to this is question is simply NO!  Use of Clinical Maestro enables your team, no matter how large or small, to focus on the analysis of the data collected during the RFI and RFP submission.  From a Sponsor perspective use of Clinical Maestro will allow your team to focus on collecting information that best suits your studies’ unique needs.  From a Provider perspective your team can focus on developing a comprehensive strategy that best suits your customers’ needs and not wasting extensive time in with Excel.

Can you implement individual pieces of Clinical Maestro?2021-08-16T07:45:46-04:00

Yes, you can use single pieces of either the Provider or Sponsor edition.  Many of the systems are interlinked but are still modular to support your requirements.

How do you access and maintain Clinical Maestro?2021-08-16T07:45:57-04:00

Clinical Maestro is a SaaS system, which means that there is no need for software, and you can access the system anywhere you have internet access.

What if my pipeline slows down, can I still access my data?2021-09-07T23:05:21-04:00

For a minimal annual subscription, you can pause your services while still receiving data storage, maintenance, and ongoing support.

What are the key benefits of using Clinical Maestro?2021-09-07T23:06:33-04:00

The primary benefits of Clinical Maestro are the amount of time, budget, and effort your team will save.  Use of Clinical Maestro will:

  • Eliminate overpaying
  • Remove your reliance on outdated Excel templates
  • Bring harmony to a disconnected process
  • Allows you to effectively negotiate
  • Easily review comparisons between vendors to best suit your needs
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The experts at Strategikon developed Clinical Maestro out of a combination of love and frustration. The system was developed and nurtured by financial and clinical business operations executives with both Sponsor and Provider experience. Our founders believed there had to be a better way — and so they created one.

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