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Outsourcing Clinical Trials West Coast

One of the keys to a successful trial is having a transparent relationship between sponsor and service provider. Please join the Clinical Maestro team and learn how to streamline this process, reducing your effort, and increasing your confidence. Join our CEO, Anca Copaescu, as she chairs the Clinical Operations & Outsourcing stream on February 16th.

Burlingame, CA
United States
15th – 16th February 2022

Anca Copaescu, CEO, Strategikon: Chair Stream B: Clinical Innovation & Technology Chair, February 15-16, 2022:

DAY 1: Feb 15th, 12:30 Panel Discussion:

Decentralized/Hybrid Trials: Discussing the current challenges and debating best practices for a successful virtual study

Building a company’s internal virtual trial eco-system is key to making decentralized trials happen – the panel will give advice on best practices.

  • Are hybrid models superior to 100% virtualized? Considering the challenges with retaining patients and investigators in these new virtual trial designs
  • Patient Bias – Decentralized trials require patients to have reliable internet service, etc. Could this induce a bias for which patients are recruited in fully virtual trials?
    Debating strategies for overcoming challenges with virtual trials, such as missing adverse reactions if done remotely, and wearable device integration

Moderator: Anca Copaescu, CEO, Strategikon
Panelists: Michael Cox, Global Outsourcing Director, Ascendis Pharma; Mark J. Milberg, Senior Director, Clinical Outsourcing, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical

DAY 2: February 16th, 10:00 A Fireside Chat on…. The Budget Conundrum

Demystifying site budget and contracting processes to improve financial transparency between sites, sponsors and vendors

  • Best practices for fully briefing your vendor on the parameters of your trial to avoid inflated budgets
  • Highlighting the importance of country-specific site processes to avoid unforeseen delays
  • Identify the hidden costs that sites and sponsors incur that are not in study budgets
  • Methods for speeding negotiations along to achieve a mutually satisfactory result
  • Effective budget negotiation requires preparation: know your costs and demonstrate value
  • Discussing the benefits of applying centralized technology to enable budget and payment tracking

 Stephanie Molteni, Director, Site Budgets & Contract Management, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical
Moderator: Anca Copaescu, CEO, Strategikon


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