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The butterfly effect is the idea that small things can have non-linear impacts on a complex system. Complex is clearly an appropriate descriptor for clinical trial execution and sourcing. Add the explosive adoption of technologies like telehealth, decentralized studies, and direct to patient studies and standard planning and sourcing processes begin to resemble the aftermath of a typhoon. Budgeting, forecasting and sourcing of clinical trials need to happen with new speed and greater flexibility – and must power informed decision-making to maximize the millions spent annually in clinical research.

Join our distinguished panel of biopharmaceutical executives as they discuss the changes they’ve made, the challenges they faced, and ultimately their successes in using technology to update their processes. Would they do it all over again? Do they wish they had done it sooner? See how small adjustments in planning and sourcing can change the direction of your entire organization for the positive.

Hansu Dong – Senior Director Outsourcing and Business Operations, Novavax
Wayne Bowden – VP, Partnerships and Strategy, Biorasi
Zeid Barakat – Managing Director, Scimitar
Rene Stephens – Development Operations Outsourcing Consultant, Intellia Therapeutics
Radhika Sivaramakrishna – Head of Clinical Maestro Project Delivery, Strategikon
Deryck Wade – Clinical Operations Consultant

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