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Outsourcing and procurement is difficult enough with handicapping yourself with manual tools and process. Learn how technology can streamline your operations, saving you effort, time, and money.

R&D procurement is complex and inefficient; employing outdated Excel-based workbooks, home-grown or adapted generic procurement systems. There are technologies that can centralize all your R&D outsourcing needs, ensuring sourcing decisions follow best practice and are informed, objective and fair.

April 27, 10:20 Panel discussion: Emerging Technologies to Enable R&D Procurement Visibility & Spend Management

Now we are living in a digital world, COVID has accelerated industry-wide technology applications. Learn from experts in stimulating discussions on the benefits of implementing emerging technologies into practices to improve visibility and spend management. What are the practices that you seem to see evolving to assess and manage these risks?
Anca Copaescu       CEO, Strategikon Pharma
Diane Fortune       Senior Director, Strategic Procurement, Travere Therapeutics
Ryan M. Smith      Associate Director, Procurement, Lyell Immunopharma
Derek Pu                Director, R&D & External Manufacturing Procurement, Servier Pharmaceuticals
David Karakas      Senior director, Strategic Sourcing & Supplier Management, Intellia Therapeutics

April 28, 11:00am Anca Copaescu, CEO Strategikon Pharma Leveraging Technology to Modernize R&D Procurement

  • Clinical outsourcing is highly complex from both bid structure and due diligence standpoint. Explore how greater standardization in category management can drive efficiencies and savings
  • How do you transform bid history into bid intelligence? Discuss how technology can reduce cost of outsourcing, while driving insights into outsourcing strategy
  • Clinical vendor oversight is both regulated and essential to business success. Technology can be the missing connector between disparate sources of metrics and lead to excellence in strategic partner performance management

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