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Clinical Portfolio Financial Management is one of the most daunting tasks for biopharma companies. With heavy outsourcing across almost every aspect of clinical development and pressures to implement tight cost and cash flow controls as well as manage the impact of ever changing cost, timeline and operational drivers, portfolio financial management may require active oversight of hundreds of contracts with millions of dollars in external spend – typically using conventional tools, such as Excel, constantly chasing and manually combining disparate and often conflicting data sources.
Maestro Financial is the industry’s only integrated business solution for end-to-end contract clinical life cycle, life of study, program and portfolio financial management, including planning, forecasting and earned value analyses.
At the heart of our approach is the revolutionary concept of "smart templates”, which are standardized, service-specific contract budget grids with embedded algorithms for spreading costs based on operational drivers, timeline and performance milestones and contract terms, e.g. unit costs. Actual operational and activity-based financial data can be brought in through simple portal uploads, or back-end automation to the source data repositories.
MaestroFinancial is an integral component of the ClinicalMaestro suite. It can be independently deployed and managed or integrated with MaestroOversight for expanded Service Provider Portfolio financial analytics, or MaestroSourcing for contract financial life cycle management such as change order triggers and contract-level Earned Value Analyses.