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We are constantly thinking

The end of paper RFP and Excel Bid Grid. Real time bid due diligence and comparative analyses.

Collaboration on clinical trial operational plan during the actual bidding process. Dynamic management of hybrid tasks. Modeling costs based on enrollment, site activation and site visit curves. Instant bid grid creation. Global resource management. Ability to model complex nested studies. Unit reporting directly in the system. Change order alerts. Instant reforecasts. Immediate impact analysis at Program and Portfolio level. Connectivity to all key clinical systems.

Million ideas, each could be a whitepaper in its own right. At Strategikon we don’t only envision the game changing solutions- we implement them. We are a lab of ideas. We believe in possibilities. We believe there is no real reason to continue working and communicating the same way as 40 years ago, not in our age of technology revolution. We want to improve and re-design design some of the most critical process in clinical trials management: planning, budgeting, outsourcing, and financial management.

Your ideas are important to us. Your feedback precious. Start the conversation. Together we can transform an industry.

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