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By every industry report in recent years, biopharma companies are outsourcing more and more, and the trend continues upwards. Chief among cost optimization strategies is to leverage the service providers’ preferred CTMS, EDC, or IVRS systems, or to use a combination of internal and external platforms. While these strategies have yielded substantial benefits, the Sponsors have increasingly lost control over critical data required for effective portfolio oversight.
MaestroOversight focuses on multi-dimensional vendor management, across the entire portfolio of services and studies.
By uniquely combining financial, operational and relationship performance metrics, MaestroOversight takes the notion of strategic relationship and governance to an entirely different level. The Sponsors can view contract and operational KPIs side by side, across studies, services and vendors. Combined with MaestroSourcing and MaestroFinancial, companies can now derive "apple to apple" vendor analytics like never before.