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We are passionate about transforming the way biopharma companies manage their clinical business operations. ClinicalMaestro is a revolutionary ecosystem of modular and integrated business applications, that can radically improve the way companies initiate and manage clinical contracts throughout their lifecycle, plan and control total clinical costs and perform study, program and portfolio scenario analyses by combining operational and financial drivers in a singular and entirely novel way.
StrategikonPharma name comes from the Byzantine emperor’s Maurice famous military manual, describing best defense and attack tactics against the empire’s varied enemies, the Franks, the Avars, the Slavs, Lombards, Persians and the Turks. Each of these famed enemies had their very unique fighting style, cavalry vs. infantry, archery vs. short daggers, or curved swords.
The pharma world may be much different than Maurice’s, but the principles stand the same. Strategikon Pharma mission is to apply best-in-class “generalship tactics”, processes and arms to fight some of the industry’s biggest challenges and gaps. As Maurice put it “A general should not have to say: 'I did not expect it.' 'The general should be ignorant of none of the situations likely to occur in war.'